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Potica - Slovenian rolled cake

Potica – Slovenian rolled cake

Second part of our trip in autumn of 2016. was reserved for visiting Slovenia. We started off from Strunjan, beautiful coastal nature reserve and spa where we stayed and visited Ljubljana, the capital, following Karst region. Winds from the Alps and Mediterranean that cross here, make ideally balanced 4 seasons climate for the finest cured ham. Through the beautiful nature of Slovenian mountains and valleys, we found our way to Triglav national park where Bled lake lies. We took a small boat to reach the Bled island, climbed 99 stairs to reach the church and plateau that nowadays has a restaurant with a kitchen overlooking the lake. There we made potica, nut roll,  the most famous Slovenian festive dish. For centuries, housewives bake pots on special occasions, either at weddings, births or at the end of harvest, thawing and harvesting. It is an indispensable part of the Christmas festive feast, and especially of great importance during the Easter holidays, when the mandatory ingredient of the feast represents the crown of Jesus. There are as many as 80 fillings you can choose from: sweet or savoury. We made walnut filled potica in Bled, and here I’ll share the recipe:


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